This Cuda was imported to Austria brand-new beginning 1972 and registered in March the same year. The picture on the right is the original one out of the Austrian title. She is an original ’71 Cuda 340 Auto car, delivered in Tor-Red with the factory Export Package, thus she does have a Rallye Dash with a KM/H Speedo! The inner fender also shows the „Export tag“. Unfortunately there is no fender tag or build sheet.

Sometimes later, the engine and the whole drive train were swapped against a 440 version out of a Challenger. This is what a former owner told me once. According to this guy the original engine might still be around somewhere here in Austria.

I bought her in October 2003 and had a lot of fun driving her since! According to the title I am the 8th owner, but only one of them had the Cuda registered longer than I do. Especially the first 4 owners only owned it for few days or a couple of months. It seems, the Cuda was a present from a Gentleman to his lady-love, because he was the first owner just for 2 days! 😉

Changed the driving style (hi-jackers) and wheels to get it down to earth again right after purchase. Removed the DIY-Shaker-Hood and installed a Rallye Hood (date correct) and a Six-Pack sometimes later.
Full nuts and bolts restoration from October 2007 to January 2009; first drive in August 2008 though. No expense spared. Everything rebuilt from ground up, body slightly modified and stiffened, suspension changed to a XV-Motorsports Level I system, adjustable tubular upper control arms, fast ratio pitman & idler arm, Firmfeel Stage 3 steering box, XV-Motorsports disk brakes all around, Engine rebuilt and vastly enhanced, Keisler manual 5speed … for more details see „Restoration„.


First drive after restoration – Salzburgring Classic 2008.